You'll also able to locate Hong Leong Promotions and merchant tie ups around you. Account balances and history are available for: Transfer funds to your own account and favourite 3 2. Mobile Alerts. PEx is an innovative mobile payment express function available on 'Connect', Hong Leong Bank's digital banking platform. Điều khoản & Điều kiện chung của Hong Leong Connect Go to “Menu” and select “Transfer” from the list; or type “Transfer” at the chat bar and click “Go”, Step 3: They will need to enter their mobile phone number, PEx amount, Collection Code, and the designated bank account they want the funds transferred to. While Hong Leong Bank currently has an existing mobile banking app, the new HLB Connect App comes with new features and an updated design to make for an even better banking experience. A Connect Account can only be bound to a Connect App in maximum five (5) devices. This interactive and easy to use feature locates the Hong Leong Bank branch closest to you, based on where you are and the services you seek. Find the nearest Hong Leong ATM, Priority Banking, Branch and Transaction Office. Type in the mobile number to be reloaded OR select phone number by tapping on the address book, Step 3: Introducing Hong Leong Connect App, the only banking app that lets you bank in just 3 words.Download now from the App Store or Google Play.#ItsThatSimple Free. Connectbrings you a host of digital banking services offered by Hong Leong Bank Vietnam (HLBVN) to our customers. Subsequently, you need to enter an account number to receive the payment. Ltd. 85. Introducing the all NEW Connect Mobile Banking App New look, new features and new way of banking that is sure to enhance your mobile banking experience! Welcome to Hong Leong Connect. 3 words are all you need to start banking. Easy peasy! Step 2: Device maintenance; Change wallpaper; and others. REPEAT. Out on the first date but don’t feel like having either party to foot the bill? ‎HLB Connect App is designed to make your day-to-day banking easy with its features that enable you to get more done without having to step foot in a bank’s branch or to call the Contact Center. You no longer need to add them as favourite accounts first. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) introduced a digital forward banking initiative, Earth Hero, that encourages children to be eco-conscious while practising good money habits. We understand you may have questions about our new HLB Connect App. Hong Leong Connect Mobile gives you bank mobility in ways you never knew possible. What's better is the exact amount will be transferred directly into your account once the recipient 'Accepts' your Request Mobile. 0.0. You are required to deactivate your Hong Leong Mobile Banking or deregister your devide under the following scenario: 2 options to deactivate/cancel your Mobile Banking: An account holder of HLBVN only needs to select the PEx+ function on the smart-phone’s home screen of Hong Leong Connect App, input password and then scan the merchant’s QR code over the counter. HLB Connect App is designed to make your day-to-day banking easy with its features that enable you to get more done without having to step foot in a bank’s branch or to call the Contact Center. Mobile numbers are easier to remember and normally stored in your phone contacts. You and your friend can just PEx each other. Hong Leong Bank ("HLB" or the "Bank ... leveraging on HLB Pocket Connect, a first-in-market interactive and personalized mobile banking platform launched in August 2020 for digital natives. Your Hong Leong Connect will be deactivated (dormant) if you do not login for 6 months. Manual check. Transfer money to a mobile number is much easier than to an account number. Step 1: Yes, Hong Leong Bank understands convenience is important to all busy people like us and so, you are allowed to conduct your banking transactions through Internet Banking of Hong Leong Connect and some other features like Hong Leong Phone Banking, Hong Leong Mobile Apps and ATM network. HLB Connect Mobile Banking App. Updates. Hong Leong Bank Berhad (HLBB) is launching its Hong Leong Connect mobile banking application on the Apple Watch. Previously called  "Card-less Withdrawal". Please generate a OTP in your Token device and enter here. Download … A mobile future that’s instant and secure. Need a loan? With the Connect Mobile app, you now have the freedom to perform money transfers without the need of a recipient's account number, withdraw money from ATMs without a card, and pay for meals with a simple scan and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Receive post-transaction alerts, updates and latest promotions directly to your Connect App Inbox instead of SMS. View all. “Connect by Hong Leong Bank Vietnam” Hong Leong Connect offers a glimpse of the future, today. 47. Step 4: Your Hong Leong Connect will be deactivated (dormant) if you do not login for 6 months. Fill in the details and tap “Submit”. Check the exchange rates for popular currencies against MYR. At present, Connectoffers Online Banking on personal computer terminals or any electronic device through the Internet browser and Mobile Banking application on 2 smart phone platforms – iOS and Android. If you are unable to bind your Connect Account to a Connect App it is probably due to one of these reasons: The Connect App in that device is already bound to another Connect Account. The HLB Pocket Connect is an extension of its upgraded consumer digital banking app, HLB Connect. Choose either “Own”,  “Other” or tap on any of your favourites, Step 4: Customers who are familiar with Hong Leong Bank’s old mobile banking application … Pay Mobile is an award-winning service on the Connect mobile banking app that enables you to transfer money by just keying in the recipient's mobile phone number. Terms and Conditions for Hong Leong Connect Version: March 2018 Terms and Conditions for Connect by Hong Leong Bank For Personal Retail Internet Banking Services Your use and access to the Connect services provided through Hong Leong Bank Retail Internet Banking Services (“Connect”) shall be subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 84. and selecting the "PEx Payment Collection" button. Calculator your housing and car loan repayments whilst on the move. Hong Leong Mobile Banking. Our interactive branch locator is now made available on your mobile phone! The future of mobile banking, now. Register for Connect account* by tapping on 'Register here' link at your Connect App login page. Free. KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Leong Bank Bhd (HLB), via its subsidiary Hong Leong Bank Vietnam (HLB Vietnam), has launched its mobile banking platform, HLB Connect, in Vietnam, which enables customers to enjoy fee-free financial services and shop for e-vouchers on a single platform. The new offe ring is a mobile app that enables young users to learn the value of money and money habits through its proprietary Earn, Save and Spend interactive features. Hong Leong Bank Berhad. Perform fund transfers to recipients of any other bank. Check your account balances on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. We wish to remind you on our terms on the use of links, Disclaimer and Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. 89. 10,000,000+ Google Pay - a simple and secure payment app. Q2. Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. to claim the money. Get ready for the grown up world of money with the NEW HLB Pocket Connect app, our latest addition to the 3-in-1 Junior Account. The account number must be a current or savings account at HLBVN. Review details and tap 'Confirm' to proceed.

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