He would only accept a car with no number 4 in its conduction sticker, plate number, engine number, and chassis number. Therefore, this number plate means to “prosper until death, twice”. Mathematicians view numbers as the universal language. If this is true nobody will stay in 4th, 14th or 24th floor. e.g. Many people tend to pick houses or car plate numbers with the number 8 in it, so that they will be lucky and prosperous. 8) 8888. Thus, the number 'AP 20 Y 1202' becomes unfavorable. Chinese Numbers & Car Plates Number Plate Mean Status. • 1 – unobstructed, new beginnings 12th, 17th etc are fire element. • 9 – highest number, accomplishment, attainment. Therefore pay attention to what digits your license plate has. Yes, the Chinese guide used for arranging homes and offices can also be used for selecting colors based on an individual’s own personal feng shui. They are: 一六共宗水,二七同道火、三八為朋木、四九為友金、五十共守土 Feng shui, as we all know is a science that uses energy forces to create harmony among individuals and to enhance positive feelings and energy levels. ... One of the huge changes is my company "Name Card". Numbers in conclusion base on feng shui calculation. Some people were advised by feng shui masters to pay an obscene amount of money for these numbers 8888 or 3838. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When the west meet the east, are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree in the Feng Shui way for abundance and prosperity? Some exaggerated feng shui masters will entice you to buy feng shui products with figurine “8” because the Chinese eunication “sound” like fa 发 prosperity . By Yin are all even, to January – odd. ADW = ADa Wang (Got Money). The Chinese place heavy emphasis on a good Feng Shui car number. The reason is because Chinese believe round end number bring luck. This form of science originated in China and has spread all over the world because it has worked well for people from different walks of life. Doing a Deep Clean Wash the exterior of your car every 2 weeks so it's always clean. Dirt and grime … For name reading 1,2 are wood, 3,4 fire, 5,6 earth, 7,8 are metal and 9,0 water. In addition the “sum of numbers” is also used to determine auspicious or unlucky. I always like double digit. Always make an effort to clean up the stuff in your car that you does not need and use anymore. Keeping your car free of clutter will help to keep your own energy uncluttered, so to speak. Sharp and pointed ornament, like sword should be avoided too. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you are someone that love to decorate your car, you might want to consider to put signs or symbol that are favourable to you. 3,8 storey or floor level is wood Feng shui is definitely not about trivial things such as 4 light bulb emit bad energy. 1,6 storey or floor level is water e.g. 3. Then try feng shui. Numbers in San Yuan feng shui flying star mean different things. Every month we get to […] 2. Hi Balvir, ... How to Use Five Elements in Feng Shui As per Feng shui, the world is divided into five elements: wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and water. Care must be taken when driving a car with a number five license plate, as there is a possibility of minor accidents or breakdowns. Numbers are at the center of our lives, giving meaning to the birth charts, astrology life maps, and flying star charts at the heart of our personal feng shui. Gua numbers 卦 or flying star numbers are used in feng shui home or business calculations. 5,0 storey or floor level is earth. 5 黄廉贞星 戊己大煞 都天大煞 earth element the worst of the flying star which represents death, disaster, cancer, poison, any bad things that you can even imagine! The meaning of your car plate can be translated literally, for example the coveted number 168 will read, “Good luck road to double prosperity.” For those who are stuck with the dreaded numbers, don’t fret because there is a way to remedy this—the feng shui charm shops will make sure of it. E.g. The numbers are divided into Yin or Yang. It enhances the value of other numbers on the license plate. Some hearsay quoted that China Olympics opening ceremony on 8th August 2008 because “8” is lucky so is 08/08/2008. Feng shui is also called Chinese geomancy and is focused on the use of energy in relation to the environment. Feng Shui Car Number. The numbers that are particularly lucky and auspicious are 2, 8, and 9. 4,9 storey or floor level is metal The number 8 is highly regarded by Chinese as a particularly lucky number. The fact that the clutter might be invisible does not mean that it does not influence you. To believe that 1, 6 or 8 for home address unit number, mobile number, car plate number, bank account number associated with auspicious energies is ridiculous. In feng shui, each person has a color that is considered their personal “success” color. As explained there are no feng shui formulas to back up this claim. How to choose a lucky number? Is this car plate number lucky. Hence if your home water flying star lands on your door entrance, congratulations to you; this is consider to be extremely lucky! If feng shui is formulas is based on tone syllable 数字谐音 then you don’t need guidance from any feng shui masters. Other than the color we should also remember than Car number represent certain qualities and has its meaning. • 6 – calm, patience I m in Singapore. Believe it or not but Feng Shui does exists so take note of these pointers and apply them. Numbers in Feng Shui. • 0 – nothingness, potential, empty 8 is use to symbolise 艮卦 NE earth element. Is number 8 necessary means lucky and 4 means death. More importantly, it really doesn’t make or break the feng shui; rather, look at it as a way to learn more about the energetic potential of your home and how you can harness the qi in your environment to benefit your life. The influence also depends on the individual, some will spend more time in the car every day, some will spend less time in the car every day, maybe once a month they drive their car, as such the influence of the car color can be ignored. 5- The number five attracts energy of movement, adventure and high speeds. For example, if your zodiac is monkey, you must avoid tiger like item, for ox, sheep is not recommended and for more, you can refer to the table below. In order to remedy it, you can get a “168” stick and paste it on your car plate to revert the bad luck. Based on personal feng shui, each person has a feng shui number that is based on gender and date of birth. These are numbers and what it represents: Therefore, this number plate means “prosper prosper prosper prosper”. This is because they want their vehicle to be 'lucky' and safe on the road. E.g. Numbers in different context mean different thing in feng shui. 2,7 storey or floor level is fire. Then try feng shui. 12th, 17th etc are fire element. Here’s eight car plate numbers that you will bring you prosperity this Chinese New Year! • 3 – creativity, family, self-expression Figures 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 and 108 are numbers that are felt as numbers that will bring good luck to their owners. 1328 A combination of some numbers above, 1328 is a car plate number that means to "easily prosper through life", which is a good number for anyone who may be going through some struggles. (We hate spam, too! 8887 = 888 symbolises wealth, and 7 symbolises a hoe digging up all the wealth in front of it. For over 20 years, Singapore car plate lovers have turned to us as a platform for selling and buying their favourite numbers. The identification is generally on a plate attached to the vehicle or otherwise made visible from outside the vehicle. In feng shui date selection choosing a strong “day master” is one of the prerequisite NOT numbers. (Vehicle plate numbers are sometimes called "license" or "registration" plate numbers.) Having both 3 and 8 in your car plate number is like saying "prosper from birth", which will be a great car plate if you have a new-born baby. Due to the mandarin and cantonese pronunciation, number 4 四 (si) sounds like death 死 (si). -- Select --BaziHome Feng ShuiOffice Feng Shui, 14 Feng Shui Myths debunk These feng shui …, feng shui is not getting better with breakthrough …, 1,6 storey or floor level is water e.g. Somehow it is always nicer than 4 digit eventhough is 8888. This is pretty straightforward, 8 in Mandarin is “fa”, which means “prosper”. Koi fish painting is one of the top favourite choice to be displayed in our home or office space to attract good luck and prosperity. If there is a crack in your windscreen, regardless how small or big it is, you must repair it immediately. The 10 numbers also represent heavenly Stem 天干 in Bazi study 甲 jia wood 1乙 yi wood 2 丙bing fire 3 丁 ding fire 4 戊wu earth 5 己ji earth 6 庚geng metal 7 辛xin metal 8 壬ren water 9 癸gui water 10. The color of the car is affecting someone who drives it, but there is not yet a scientific test to show what is the degree of influence. "4" in many occassion symbolises 4 legged and 4 walls which are the foundation of most things." 8 (八, ba) sounds similar to 发 (fa), which paired as 发财 (fa cai) means “prosper”, “wealth” or “get rich”. Or if your main door is located at the North-East sector then your home feng shui generally is considered to be lucky because 8 in Gua number is 艮卦 (Gen) 正神方 the most auspicious sector in the 8th period. The basics of car Feng Shui is the same as Home Feng Shui and lets go through one by one to apply it to your car. It is a number to be avoided if the person uses the car only for himself. The unlucky number is 4, and 13 is beginning to be thought of as unlucky as well. • 8 – infinity, abundance, success in business In feng shui, each person has a color that is considered their personal “success” color. Clean and Free of Clutter . As explained earlier, 8 means “prosper” and 4 means “death”. Most my friends select car plate which got 3, 6, 8, 9 and 0. It might sound funny or even strange to apply Feng Shui to your car but think about it, Feng Shui is all about creating good energy around you, so if you spend time in your car, this is the space we must take care too. This success color is determined by a number that is based on gender and date of birth. Year of the ox! Numbers in conclusion base on feng shui calculation. 6 白 武 曲 權威、正義 is metal element career authority some interpret as windfall wealth 乾 (qian) 卦, 7 赤 破军星 is metal element represent lawsuits and burglary 兑卦, 8 is earth 財 星 wealth because of the current period and also because 1,6,8 in flying stars are consider to be auspicious 艮卦, 9 is fire element 喜 慶 星 it represents celebrations, 姻缘 marriage relationship, good events like promotion, which is also the forthcoming auspicious energies 离卦. Most high rise buildings have basement carpark, so to calculate your floor level should you add or subtract the carpark levels? • 4 – stability, grounding, security When looking at house numbers and Bagua numerology, keep in mind that it’s not that some numbers are good and others are bad. Some exaggerated feng shui masters will entice you to buy feng shui products with figurine “8” because the Chinese, 11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home. Western numerology study different from Chinese Feng Shui. Why? We are currently in the 8th period of the feng shui flying star 2004-2023. Be sure to regularly clean the cabin of your car as well as the trunk space. Enhancement into Existing House / Shop or Car Plate. Feng Shui Business/ Name Card. This has got nothing to do with the coincidence of “8” appearing on date 08/08/2008! These are numbers and what it represents: • 3 – creativity, family, self-expression, • 7 – contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude, • 8 – infinity, abundance, success in business. The number of stroke in auspicious name calculation is to supplement a person’s five elements imbalance or avoid certain elements. Lucky Hand Phone Number. In the 9th period, Main door located in the South Sector is consider the best and so forth. Hence it is not number “8” that give off auspicious energies or special cosmic strength. There is no basis to use 谐音 tone syllable in feng shui nor bazi. Neither 3, 6 and 8 are lucky numbers in feng shui context. Numbers in auspicious chinese name reading. Here is the list. 11th, 16th, 21st, 26th LG7299. Why floor level is irrelevant in today’s context? It is a number that will always attract the community. For this tool, vehicle numbers are vehicle identifications composed of numbers and/or letters. "SGQ4S - A Very Distinguished Number Especially Among The Cantonese As It Sounds Like "Up" In Their Accent." Definitely “4” doesn’t means death or 2, 5 represent sickness. Hence it is not number “8” that give off auspicious energies or special cosmic strength. Nevertheless Number “8” is associated with 2 elements in feng shui, one is wood because 3,8 combo is wood element. Well, when a house number… Most happy, child-friendly are odd numbers, but they both must be present in equal amounts to maintain a balance between two principles. 6 – This is the number that symbolizes a family car. This calculation method is based on 81 numbers. The reason behind these numbers is … Yes, the Chinese guide used for arranging homes and offices can also be used for selecting colors based on an individual’s own personal feng shui. So, numbers should be used by making a decision. Number 8 is just a representation of certain feng shui symbolism nothing more. To believe house numbers can create havoc in your life such as sicknesses, disaster or death is just far-fetch. A leading Feng Shui blog and knowledge vault that covers all aspects of this ancient art, Do you enjoy reading our articles? Most feng shui masters in Singapore will then choose element that the floor level represents to match your Gua Number 卦命 OR Bazi 八字. Safe-guard your vehicle number from harmful influences. Today matching floor levels are irrelevant in feng shui. Avoid putting stuffed toys of fierce animal or sharp object. Number 4 does not means death, 8 does not represent prosperity. We’re committed to providing our subscribers with value, and we never share your information with other parties. "SJA85G - Good significance for those born in the year 1985. e.g. Number 8 brings its vibrations of inner-wisdom and personal power, manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity, tenacity and achieving success, dependability and reliability, giving and receiving and Karma - the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. I m buying a new car. To believe that If you are a fan of toys of … Feng shui floor levels uses 河圖洛書 Luo Shu formula to represent the 5 elements. After changing the Feng Shui and colour, It increases the flow and circulation, as i kept giving it out to new clients, prospect customers, etc. For name reading 1,2 are wood, 3,4 fire, 5,6 earth, 7,8 are metal and 9,0 water.

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