We always give suppliers some good recommendations of what to do during the application period – it’s just about getting on to the framework, after all. gcloud compute regions list, list current region(Cloud SDK property) See more about connecting to instances. On G-Cloud 9, 50% of vendors with ZERO sales have non-compliant T&Cs. Maximum number of resources to list. However, we have always recommended suppliers include one, as our recent analysis of G-Cloud 9 suppliers showed that 29% of suppliers with no sales had a missing service definition. G-Cloud 12 is now live. Mastering them helps you to script and automate many GCP operations. In later Posts , we will see How to Connect Google Cloud VMs directly from Windows command line using Gcloud . There’s a lot to say about the value of G-Cloud. # sh remove_old_gcloud_versions.sh # where is the instance type to filter (usuaylly default) # and is the number of versions to keep. The gcloud CLI and Cloud SDK. We couldn’t talk information security and not mention GDPR and G-Cloud. It looks like CCS agreed with this, as from G-Cloud 12 Service Definitions have been made mandatory again (along with other changes made for the 12th iteration), so suppliers will have to include this document in their application. If suppliers, want to go a step further than they can apply to get ISO271001 certified. You can find a shortlist of the frequently used commands below. gcloud container clusters list, describe container clusters gcloud functions call NAME, display log entries of Cloud Functions kubectl get services, list deployments This module allows you to use gcloud, gsutil, any gcloud component, and jq in Terraform. Sometimes, there isn't Terraform GCP support for a particular feature, or you'd like to do something each time Terraform runs (ie: upload a file to a Kubernetes pod) that lacks Terraform support. Take the time to create a great Service Definition, it could be the difference between you and another supplier. The framework was first open in 2012 and is now in its 12th iteration – G-Cloud 12. gcloud app versions list: List all versions of all services deployed to the App Engine server. gcloud config list compute/zone, set a zone(Cloud SDK property) Get version of Google Cloud SDK components. 25.To list down the zones using filter gcloud compute zones list — filter=region:us-central1 26.To get the IAM policy into an yaml file gcloud projects get-iam-policy (project_id) > filename.yaml Instead of G-Cloud you should be looking at listing on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework. Since its inception, there has been £6.2bn worth of sales through the framework with 44% of that spend awarded to SMEs. 21/07/2020 – Update – The expiry date for the G-Cloud 11 framework will be 18 December 2020. list project's service accounts gcloud iam service-accounts list. The gcloud CLI is a part of the Google Cloud SDK. Zero in on a target buyer. Our expert advisers and staff have put together this in-depth report to help you get to grips with navigating the Public Sector market. $> gcloud version. G-Cloud 101. Google Cloud Platform lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. The framework has had a massive impact on public sector procurement. The framework has made it easier for buyers to find out about smaller suppliers who could best meet their requirements. As searching for a product name isn’t a compliant way to buy on G-Cloud. ‘G-Cloud 9 data security: beyond the lollipop lady’. gcloud compute forwarding-rules list, list compute engine machine types gcloud compute machine-types list, list compute engine images The Lots of G-Cloud have come a long way since their beginnings, with a lot of growth over the years! Suppliers must be cloud companies! organization / list organizations gcloud organizations list I rename it as google-cloud-sdk-legacy. Training and deploying a TensorFlow tf.keras model using Google Cloud ML Engine. G-Cloud is open to cloud suppliers of all sizes. # The type of instance to filter on (usually default) INSTANCE_TYPE= $1 # How many versions to keep, and throw away the rest: VERSIONS_TO_KEEP= $(($2 + 1)) gcloud config list project Command output [core] project = gcloud compute instances list, describe compute engine instances One, is to choose the supplier that meets the needs and that has the lowest price. Find out what is sold on G-Cloud, what makes a good listing and even advice on how to market and sell on the framework. We cover everything you need to know about the framework and how suppliers can use it to win public sector business. Create a Firebase project If you don't have a Firebase project for your app, go to the Firebase console and click Create New Project to … Learn how G-Cloud works. In previous iterations G-Cloud had four Lots: Alongside Lot redesign, CCS implemented some other notable G-Cloud changes since the 9th iteration. gcloud projects list, list current project(Cloud SDK property) Files for gcloud, version 0.18.3; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size gcloud-0.18.3.tar.gz (454.4 kB) File type Source Python version None Upload date Sep 23, 2016 Hashes View Close. Grab a copy of our Public Sector Sales & Marketing Guide! Sign in to view. For a complete list of gcloud commands you can use with your Android app in Test Lab, visit the reference documentation for gcloud firebase test android. Get expert advice and tips on how to write winning bids for opportunities on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. There have been 12 calls for contract so far in which suppliers were able to list their services on G-Cloud. Include all additional set-up or training fees. Google Cloud SDK 272.0.0 bq 2.0.50 core 2019.11.16 gsutil 4.46. a list with the version of each component. A buyer can make the final decision in two ways: The Digital Marketplace buyers guide, and the framework agreement outlines four different types of criteria you can use when evaluating shortlisted suppliers under M.E.A.T: The final selection should be based on best fit rather than ruling out suppliers that don’t meet your current contract or an ideal set of terms. For every £1 spent on the framework, £1 is saved. gcloud [optional flags] . Pass/fail questions around background and compliance, Questions around your solution and service offering which make up the front-end of your listing. It is publicly available and is a great source of information regarding who is buying and what. Google Compute Engine documentation: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/ Google Cloud SDK (gcloud CLI) Documentation https://cloud.google.com/sdk/ The G-Cloud framework is a crowded marketplace, so in order to be one of the suppliers making sales on the framework you need to make sure you have a great listing and a G-Cloud sales and marketing strategy. the internet and hosted in the cloud, This Lot is for services that help buyers set up and maintain their cloud software or hosting services. The call-off-contract is then completed and signed, after this the work can begin. Here are some key takeaways…. kubectl get pods, list nodes Registered Office: Advice Cloud Ltd, 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AL. Think about your product name – if it is branded, it is likely that a buyer will never find you. G-Cloud has provided a standard basis for IT procurement, for example in contractual terms and conditions and by increasing transparency. These sections are difficult to change later and. gcloud is the primary CLI tool for the Google Cloud Platform. As a supplier you should be aware of the guidance. We could go on, but if you need further convincing here’s a breakdown of our 12 reasons to list on G-Cloud 12. Work out which departments or sectors could best make use of your solution and work on getting in front of them. 1. gcloud_version Value. The gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet. gcloud compute instance-groups list, list instances in the instance group google-app-engine google-cloud-platform gcloud . Firstly, if after a compliant search the buyer ends up with only one supplier on G-Cloud that meets their needs, they can direct award. gcloud functions describe NAME, trigger execution of a functions gcloud functions deploy NAME, list functions For example we use cookies to show you relevant webinars, content etc. Suppliers are required to issue their current terms and conditions. Link: Install gcloud: Check version & settings: gcloud version, gcloud info, gcloud components list: Init profile: gcloud init This will ask you to open an OpenID URL: List all zones: gcloud compute zones list: Upgrade local SDK: gcloud components update, gcloud components update --version 219.0.1 Applying for G-Cloud is not easy, especially if you want to have a quality and compliant listing. Ultimate framework battle: G-Cloud versus DOS inforgraphic. if you aren’t selling it isn’t too late to change that, you just need to find out why! The majority of the business through G-Cloud has come from central government. The G-Cloud application is made up of the following: Before we delve into each of these elements individually, remember each part of your listing should be crafted with your buyer in mind and be easy for them to navigate. Whole life cost, cost effectiveness, price and running costs. gcloud compute instance-groups list-instances NAME. a list with the version of each component. gcloud app deploy, open the app in web browser We use cookies to improve your website experience. Although G-Cloud doesn’t impose number restrictions on suppliers, naturally it does have its own rules and regulations. gcloud app browse, list versions of App Engine ISO 27001:2013 is an international standard for information security. For a quick introduction to the gcloud command-line tool, a list of commonly used commands, and a look at how these commands are structured, refer to the gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet. Download our free White Paper. kubectl get hpa, list pods With the 12th iteration being open for supplier applications in Summer 2020. Some of the cookies we use are essential for our website to work. gcloud app services list, list instances of App Engine To control third party cookies, you can also adjust your browser settings. Answer all the technical questions to the best of your ability. gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID, list GCE regions The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement by public-sector bodies in departments of the United Kingdom Government of commodity information technology services that use cloud computing. – The first rule of G-Cloud (and no it’s not we don’t talk about G-Cloud) is: suppliers must be selling a cloud-based solution. If you are speaking to a public sector buyer who isn’t familiar with G-Cloud, suppliers should be making an effort to educate them and tell them about the benefits of procuring through G-Cloud. I pray you can help me. List of package versions for project gcloud in all repositories Best practice for buyer is to also to notify the unsuccessful suppliers and give them reasons as to why they weren’t successful, so they can improve their bids next time. We also advise suppliers to detail their information security processes and internal GDPR procedures within their Service Definitions. But, what is it and does it have a place within IT and Digital procurement? when executing the command it shows me: I would like to sort by string based on the name of the version and that the output is only the latest version. You have to first get marketing! how NOT to price your service for G-Cloud. G-Cloud 12 will go live on 28 September 2020. If you offer bespoke development this is not a framework for you. C:\Users\S> gcloud version Google Cloud SDK 267.0.0 bq 2.0.49 core 2019.10.15 gsutil 4.44. Can you cut down on how many you have? This is what a buyer will see when your service is returned in search results. This stands for ‘Skills for the Information Age’ and relates to the cost for professional services relating to your product or service. G-Cloud framework is THE place to be, for companies who are thinking about selling their cloud-based solutions to the UK government. gcloud config set compute/zone ZONE, deploy the code to Cloud Functions However, we often advise our clients that as a bare minimum they should look into getting Cyber Essentials Certified. As there are many elements to applying for G-Cloud, we recommend creating and using a checklist so you stay on track. Cyber Essentials shows an understanding and basic commitment to security. your listing should be crafted with your buyer in mind, Take time over your service summary and features and benefits, Service Definitions have been made mandatory again, ‘9 Steps to G-Cloud Service Definition Success’. This should list the current version of gcloud utility. list the roles gcloud iam roles list. Watch our recent TS3 webinar for FREE. This could be in part due to the governments commitment to spending £1 in every £3 with small businesses by 2020, and G-Cloud provides easy access to a range of smaller suppliers. 8. The gcloud app versions list command accepts a --limit option which may be handy to obtain what you want:--limit=LIMIT. The G-Cloud framework is uncapped so, if the application is compliant, an unlimited number of suppliers can join the framework. You can install the latest components by entering the following command: gcloud components update. For example, you can check the version of gcloud by entering the following: gcloud version. If you want to offer services in a category that you have not successfully applied for before, you can apply to do this when a new version of the G-Cloud framework is released. gcloud compute scp [INSTANCE_NAME:]SOURCE_FILE [INSTANCE_NAME:]DESTINATION_NAME, list compute engine firewall rules Knowing how buyers can purchase through the framework will give your buyer confidence that you know what you are talking about. lists credentialed account gcloud auth list. gcloud_version; Documentation reproduced from package cloudml, version 0.6.1, License: Apache License 2.0 Community examples. No hardware solutions can be listed on the framework. Suppliers often struggle with the best way to present their pricing but it is vital you get your pricing right for G-Cloud! There are now specific clauses within the G-Cloud framework agreement and call-off contract covering the supplier requirements in line with GDPR. G-Cloud allows buyers to direct award a contract. This is great news to small suppliers of innovative solutions!

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