or even Who is the one that has a car?) The correct translation is (The man is in the kitchen.) Translate any Tagalog word/sentence to English also. the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression; the class of objects that an expression refers to This section will cover some of the basic sentence types following this pattern. The noun phrases (NPs) following a verbal predicate may be rearranged without changing the meaning of the sentence. Tagalog, or Filipino, is the official language of the Philippines. 2. sampu 11 6 10. (Who have a car?) The most common way to use the sentence is to begin a story. 1. pito 27 7 70. Learning Tagalog or visiting a Tagalog speaking country? If you are taking a trip to the Philippines, it would prove useful to learn some commonly used Tagalog phrases for your travels. Excuse me. Try the above sentences out yourself and see what you get? Since the topic of the sentence is completely unknown, it forces the writer to be creative when the sentence appears. (The man in the kitchen.) You're welcome. Share via SMS, Whatsapp, Viber or any other messaging platform. Human translations with examples: sa tabi mo, type full s, sa ka pupunta, malas na araw. The correct translation is (Who has a car? Copy/Paste translated text. conclude translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. Tayo Tagalog Dictionary Entry » About These Example Sentences: The example sentences on Tagalog.com were manually added by native Filipino language speaking editors of this website with an eye toward accuracy and usefulness. The China Sea on the north has a maximum depth of 2715 fathoms off the Philippines, the Sulu Basin reaches 2550 fathoms, and the Celebes Basin 2795 fathoms.Some of the channels between the islands are of very great depth, Macassar Strait exceeding 1000 fathoms, the Molucca Passage exceeding 2000 fathoms, and the Halmahera Trough sinking as deep as 2575 fathoms. You may get slightly wrong Tagalog translations, such as: Nasa kusina ang lalaki. There are a number of different ways a writer can use the random sentence for creativity. Generally, the … Easily clear typed text. Chat conveniently in Tagalog even if you don't … Just as in anywhere you travel, […] Contextual translation of "type full sentence in your langage" into Tagalog. Part V. Match the English Translation Select the English translation for each Tagalog sentence. 3. animnapu 6 60 16. Check the numeral that matches the Tagalog word. 5. labindalawa 102 22 12. Ease your learning/communication by translating any English or any other language word/sentence to Tagalog. EXAMPLE: tatlo 30 3 300. Showing page 1. Learning basic Tagalog phrases and expressions will enable you to communicate with the locals while abroad. Concluding Sentence In A Paragraph – There are three main parts in a paragraph: topic sentence, supporting details / supporting sentences, and concluding sentence. EXAMPLE: Walang anuman. This time, Writer River will provide a brief explanation of the concluding sentence definition and a few examples. In this sense, Tagalog does not have a strict "word order" rule. Each sentence includes accent markup, a "natural" translation of the sentence into English, and literal word-for-word translations. Sino ang may kotse? 4. isandaan 100 1100 11. Found 201 sentences matching phrase "conclude".Found in 3 ms. Tagalog definition is - a member of a people of central Luzon. Another option is to include it somewhere in the story.

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