Jotaro's Star Platinum Stop Time for 5 Seconds. The user also can't attack during this. T - Star FINGER! F - Time Stop. For example KQ:BTD's Bite Za Dusto, Time Erase and Time Stop. Its user is the now-deceased Jotaro Kujo. Jotaro's Star Platinum charges a powerful punch which rewrites reality while shouting a distorted "ORA! Star Platinum has to get charged to work and can stop time when the special chargebar is full (pressing shift or drop on keyboard) 1,2,3 are some fun voice lines. good greif, we made it in time! (non-canon stand) [Passive B]: Bendy Limbs. Jotaro Kujo R - ORA Strike Star Platinum: The World forcefully drives its fist into the target. For example KQ:BTD's Bite Za Dusto, Time Erase and Time Stop. The user is completely immune to every time related move. Speed If you have Star Platinum: The World Requiem, you can use Ora Beatdown when he is going to stop time. Press J to jump to the feed. Part Once they reach the 10 second mark the user gains the ability to fly at high speeds and at the 15 second mark the user is so fast that the user can't be seen properly and only afterimages can be seen. A Universal Time Roblox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1 "My Stand, will be your judge!" Destructive power Furthermore, the Stand is capable of fusing objects together. [F] "I stopped time at the last second..." You unleash Star Platinum's hidden ability to freeze time itself for 5 seconds. Cons- Gets outclassed by literally everything. Actions. That's a nice watch. Thus they have a 1/6 chance to dodge every attack even projectiles that come in contact with the user. this mod was originally made by Maxo13, he made Jotaro from part 3. Se sim deixa o like e compartilha TMJ Game Link: … Jotaro's Star Platinum for about 6 seconds, dealing damage. Use DIO's Diary to get Star Platinum (Over Heaven). F - Time Stop Star Platinum stops times for 5 seconds. The user can block for 4.5 seconds max and can cancel this at any time. star platinum is a 40 chance to obtain. Jotaro's Star Platinum will float in the sky and tucks themselves in a drilling motion and then suddenly kicks forward dealing 60 damage and high knockback and ragdoll. Name 永烈/ Silver chariot requiem exchange red hearts, KonøDioDa!/Trading All Might, Kars Ulf, DualitPlatinum or Zenith arrow, 2 souls or 1 million money for sans or chara,, Jotaro's Star Platinum and the User are able to move in stop time. Stats T Star Finger (Does 50 dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Reaches Out With Its Fingers To Hit An Enemy From Afar, With A Range Of 10 Studs. Jotaro's Star Platinum (JSP) Jotaro's Star Platinum Punches the user in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, Healing the user. AUT Ban … The Stand has power and speed that is comparable to a rusty Star Platinum. But I'll break it so you can never tell the time on it again... By that, I mean I'll break your face.- Jotaro Kujo 1 Star Platinum: The World Requiem 2 Appearance 3 Skills 4 Tips, Combos and Glitches 5 Trivia Star Platinum: The World Requiem is the requiem form ofStar Platinum. Star Platinum throws a heavy punch to the enemy. This world will last for 20 seconds. The user also does 2.5x its original attack power in any time related move including its own. Roblox Group Link:!/about. Jotaro's Star Platinum Teleport to the location pointed by the mouse. T - Bearing Shoot Star Platinum: The World fires off a metal bearing towards the opponent. F Time Stop (Does 0 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Unleashes The World, Stopping Time For 10 Seconds. If this attack is missed the user will be staggered and stunned for 2 seconds. In addition, Jotaro's discovery of its time-stopping ability only made it all th… Actions. R - ORA! Spawns every 200 seconds. The rest of the moves are also able to be used in infinite time. [T] Star Finger Star Platinum extends his finger, dealing 43 damage and stunning the victim briefly. - Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtaro条 承太郎) 1.1 Appearance: 1.2 Moveset: 1.3 Pros and Cons: 1.3.1 Pros 1.3.2 Cons 1.4 Trivia: Jotaro's Star Platinum is an insanely buffed black and blue variation of Star Platinum obtainable via using a Pot Platinum's Diary on Star Platinum. Jotaro's Star Platinum Punches the user in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, Healing the user. (It somehow bugs on Sans). V - Teleport You teleport to a place you pointed to with your mouse, although this has range. F - Time Stop Star Platinum stops times for a few seconds. (R) - Heavy Ora Punch Star Platinum The World throws a heavy punch that does 35 damage and decent knock back. SP:TWR is the stand of Jotaro Kujo from Part 4 onwards. Star platinum OVA increases the size of your fingers giving you a range advantage. If hit the damage taken will be greatly reduced by 75% if hit by a projectile Jotaro's Star Platinum has a 2/3 of catching it and crushing it and a 1/3 of reflecting it back to the opponent to deal double the damage. Jotaro's Star Platinum accelerates time and allows the user to slowly speed up every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. The attraction featured it's own original story depicting the final fight between Jotaro Kujo and DIOin the streets of Cairo, from a completely new perspective. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. sonicthehedgehog archived Jotaro Hat The opponents will be slowed by 50% and can still attack but the attacks will be slowed even projectiles. COOLDOWN: 35 seconds(starts after the time accel ends). The user also does 2.5x its original attack power in any time related move including its own. - Jotaro Kujo, Stardust Crusaders (Kujo Jotaro, 空条 承太郎) 3 Information: 4 Appearance 5 Obtaining 5.1 Full Craft: 5.2 Variants: 6 Passives 7 Movesets 8 Pros and Cons 8.1 Pros. We Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!>>>>>>>> More posts from the AUniversalTime community. F - "I made it in time..." Star Platinum: The World unleashes THE WORLD, stopping time for ?? Unawakened Star Platinum = Star Platinum. Y Time Smite (Does 57.99 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Lays A Beat-Down Onto The Target Using Time Stop. Jotaro's Star Platinum punches the opponent while shouting "ORA!! This will stop him from attacking you during the time stop. -Its Y move can easily heal other people. Pros- Good moveset with decent damaging moves, and even a timestop. 64 8 Seconds V Teleportation Star Platinum OVA pulls strong fists consecutively towards the enemy. Curtiu?! Stand user Featured in the 3rd part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders. This also causes the user to glow blue and be able to counter any attack for 2 seconds. Star Platinum throws a heavy punch at the enemy doing about 50-60 damage T - Star Finger. [/COSMICAL DAYS/] A Universal Time is a game About the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” as well as several other anime’s and games in roblox! -Unlike DTW, it cannot guarantee a kill on a max souls Reaper, even using time stop. The user is completely immune to every time related move. Crazy Diamond is by no means a weak Stand, but Star Platinum has more speed, strength and it can even stop time. COOLDOWN: 15 second( starts when slowing ends). F - Time Stop stops time for a few seconds. The user will tip their hat and look downwards with their arms crossed,Jotaro's Star Platinum is also surronding the user in a ready position. Only one opponent can be Beatdown by one clone. Jotaro's Star Platinum punches the ground and launches the user into the sky allowing the user to double jump again in the sky and glide down. A Universe Time Trello. Star Platinum is obtainable using a Arrow ( More Info coming ) . Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of your projects. (Due to Reaper's nerf, pretty much every stand with time stop can kill reaper), Featured in the 3rd part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders. This can be seen by the user suddenly bending out of the way or suddenly contracting and shrinking downwards to evade a knife thrown at them. H - Ground Slam Jotaro's Star Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast. Members. This Time Stop is unable to be cancelled or be immuned to this also lasts for 5 seconds. ", dealing hight damage. Jotaro's Star Platinum punches in rapid succesion for 8 Seconds, healing others. Jotaro's Star Platinum will go inside the user's body. E + Hold - Ora Barrage Star Platinum begins barraging the enemy. It Deals Good Dmg. If the user is hit by any direct attacks, Jotaro's Star Platinum will reverse time to before the user was hit after that Jotaro's Star Platinum will then uppercut the opponent dealing 80 damage and high knockback into the air. T - Star Finger Star platinum stretches their fingers giving you some range. Jotaro's Star Platinum slams the ground, dealing damage in a radius. It also has the ability to restore objects; it can also revert objects back to their raw form. Star platinum stretches their fingers giving you some range. In that corner, you’re too far for Jotaro to pull his stand out and attack, so hes forever running into a corner for you to attack him. Have a universal time! Jotaro's Star Platinum will then replay the shockwave 5 times each time causing more knockback. The slowing effect lasts for 5 seconds. *Star Platinum + Cosmic Orb = Jotaro's Star Platinum* *STW + Cosmic Orb = Dio's The World *White Snake + Dio Diary = C-Moon *C-moon + Universe Orb = Reality C-Moon (Unobtainable) *C-moon + Dio Diary = Made in Heaven (Rework Soon) *Made in Heaven + Bread = Made in Walmart* *Standless + Gift from the Gods = Purple Guy or Snatcher (10% Chance) *Standless + Vampire Mask = Vampire … (Works well when you spin while doing it a 360 attack.) Pls subscribe, we are close to 100 subs How to get: UnAwakened Star Platinum + Cosmic Orb = JSP My discord: Star Platinum's stats scale to your stats It is a passive item that can be found by other characters. The user has a 1/3 chance to cancel them completely too. Use Pot Diary on Star Platinum (Over Heaven) to get Galaxy Star Platinum Over Heaven Jotaro's Star Platinum extends one of its arms forward as the user tips his hat and says " Star Platinum Stop Time " This will cause time to stop and alloes the user move and attack in it. (E) - Mediocre Ora Barrage A medium damage barrage that deals 5 damage per hit. Use Jotaro's Hat to gen Null (Renamed standless) Use Jotaro's Requiem Arrow to get Star Platinum Requiem. SSS F - Universal Time Stop Jotaro's Star Platinum stops time for a few seconds. The best spec for Star Platinum is hamon! COOLDOWN: 2 seconds( If the attack misses the COOLDOWN starts after the user regains from the stun). T - Star Finger Star platinum increases the size of their fingers giving you some range. R - ORA! If you want to find the link to the discord search “AUT Discord”. Jotaro's Star Platinum causes time to flow infinitely causing everything except opponents to crack and vaporise. Star platinum is an immensely powerful close-range stand whose appearance consists of very minimal clothing, as shown in its scarf, shoulder plates, and gloves. Mateo changed description of Cosmic Jotaro Star Platinum Mateo renamed Cosmic Jotaro Star Platinum (from cosmic jsp) BXZ1HD changed description of cosmic jsp Kurapika (kurapika2) Moro (morosenju) 3RainyDays (3rainydays_) epicflow203 (epicflow203) sonicthehedgehog (jefff_isamazing) Lists 『Information』 What is A Universal Time? The user launches himself in the air with Jotaro's Star Platinum and Jotaro's Star Platinum Dives back down with its fist extended smashing into the ground this does 10 damage. star platinum. Each Jotaro's Star Platinum clone will do a Beatdown automatically to any other player. Its overwhelming physical prowess in every basic characteristic, save for range, coupled with Jotaro's own cleverness in combat, allows Jotaro to repeatedly prevail against many Stand users even without the usage of any special ability. Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Star Platinum: The World beats the target with a super fast barrage. Jotaro's Star Platinum will extend its arm and grab the neck of the opponent and will then lift the opponent into the air and smash them back into the ground dealing 45 damage. Jotaro's Star Platinum tucks in its arms and suddenly extenda them out and uses its ability to manipulate time to slow down the time of every single opponent except for the user. Durability J - Ora Ora Beatdown Star Platinum grabs and proceeds to absolutely demolish who ever is unfortunate enough to get caught within the attack (If you get hit by this attack, best believe you're dying). Star Platinum OVA throws a strong hit to the enemy. (non-canon stand). Jotaro's Star Platinum Stop Time for 5 Seconds. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Without specs, take about 40 Seconds. 1 "Good Grief", (Yare yare daze / やれやれだぜ)- Jotaro Kujo 2 "Your stand may be invincible.. but you sure as hell aren't!" Heals 8 health per hit 25 Seconds F Star Platinum, Za Warudo! Most likely got weaker because Jotaro didn't use his stand that much. B + Y - Universal Self Heal Jotaro's Star Platinum gets in front of you again, turns to you and starts charing hits at you, healing you. Attendees were able to experience the high speed battle on stage through all five senses, ranging from authentic wind-generating stand clashes to the moment time is stopped. SSS The user's stand gives the user the ability to meld their body with will. The shockwave does 30 damage. It is one of the most powerful Stands featured in the series. Jotaro's Star Platinum will charge its right fist overflowing it with energy and then after a long windup of 3 seconds, Jotaro's Star Platinum smashes the ground causing a large shockwave to hit everyone nearby the user. N/A 30 Seconds H Flash Ground Slam Jotaro's Star Platinum slams the ground, dealing damage in a radius. The user has a 1/3 chance to cancel them completely too. Jotaro's Star Platinum gets in front of you again, but instead of damaging, he's actually healing whoever he's throwing the punches at. This will create a world where Jotaro's Star Platinum and the user is the ruler over everything this gives Jotaro's Star Platinum a new moveset.

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