After DC Rebirth, it was revealed that Diana's origins and life in Themyscira, and also some of her experiences in the world of men, were false memories implanted by Deimos and Phobos. There, Wonder Woman found Zola, safe. Furious, Wonder Woman attacked Swamp Thing, accusing him of causing such devastation, while Swamp Thing claimed innocence. [50], In order to defeat them, Superman and Wonder Woman collected the magic armor created by Hephaestus and intercepted Zod and Faora while they were building a portal to the Phantom Zone. In the third season of this fun action series based on Charles Moulton's comic book character, Lynda Carter continues her starring role as Wonder Woman, the strong and sexy Amazonian princess who has the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite. Add a photo to this gallery. Hera teleported Wonder Woman and her allies to Paradise Island. Goddess of War. The League journeyed deep into the mountain and encountered the queen. Bonding with the girl, Diana went with her to buy some furniture for his new apartment: while there, Wonder Woman saved a mother and his young son from certain death, as the woman was driving her car into a truck. Later the same day, Diana was tasked to help sedating a revolt inside Stryker's Island Penitentiary, and while in there she found out Maxwell Lord was one of the prisoners in custody. Upon returning to Paradise Island, Diana spoke to the spirit of Hippolyta. Diana and Steve quickly overcame their forces and followed Veronica Cale and Cheetah to a gateway that led to Themyscira. Falling into despair, Diana was visited by the Gods of Olympus in their animal forms: a peacock, deer, owl, mouse, eagle, dove and tortoise, who granted her the gifts of strength, speed, endurance, empathy and flight. Harry G. Peter [84], After preventing a terrorist attack at a refugee camp in Greece, Wonder Woman returned to a government facility in the United States and was examined by a sickly doctor, Dr. Shannon Crawford. Discover (and save!) Diana was still angry at Hermes for his betrayal and asked him to leave, with Hermes stating that, just like she forgave Hera, perhaps in the future, she would forgive him. After the memory resurfaced in her mind, Diana went with Zatanna to a meeting with the Justice League to inform them of the threat of the Upside-Down Man and the Otherkind. She found him in Greece,[91] and the two seemingly began to bond, only for Jason to turn against Diana after the arrival of Grail, who he had secretly allied himself with. Diana fought the newly-emerged Karnell, Dark God of Love, who informed Diana that he and his brethren had come from the Dark Multiverse, which the Justice League had recently encountered. The twin gods were unable to erase the memory, so instead they later implanted false memories regarding her home to deceive Diana, leading to a completely separate origin story and causing her to hallucinate new adventures. Cheetah suddenly dropped into a coma, before waking and massacring Empire Industries' staff, while screaming about the return of the so-called 'Dark Gods'. Expand She attempted to kill Cale once again, but was restrained due to the timely intervention of Wonder Woman. [21], Suddenly, Zola and the others were attacked by Artemis, who was sent by Apollo to kill Zeke, Zola's son. forces. [10], Despite their displeasure at Diana's capture, Hephaestus was able to bring Lennox and Eros to Hades with him as guests to the wedding, without the aid of Hermes' staff. As Perpetua tried to kill all the core members of the Justice League, they were saved and transported to the Moon by the Quintessence. Circe was a princess of Colchis in the Caucasus region. Sending Zola back with Hermes to have her baby in peace, Diana warned that if they were not left alone, she would fulfil the prophecy herself. Diana was the one who absorbed the energy, and she fought against Perpetua in a duel, but lost when the evil goddess made her uncertain: a victory could mean all her friends would die, as the Hands would come to destroy the Multiverse. Zola wanted to leave the island, but Diana told her she and her child were safer with the Amazons. Jan 1, 2016 - Wonder Woman is the princess Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Zeus, the mightiest of the Gods of Olympus. [78] Upon this realization, Diana suffered a mental breakdown.[79]. Deciding against playing… Nabu revealed to both of them that h was tired of magic, as it was something that has got completely out of control, causing chaos and especially destroying Order, which is what Nabu swore to serve and protect. Hera angrily interceded, which was what Diana had planned, and using Hermes' staff she transported herself to Mount Olympus to face Hera alone. [137] Taken into custody by Etta, Diana recovered thanks to the intervention of Lord himself, who was able to let her get back to reality thanks to a mind trick. Together with the Star Sapphire Corps, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Karnell, who retreated back to Earth. Still, no one understood anything about this new power Diana awakened, with the threat of the Otherkind not extinguished, but just delayed.[108]. After threatening her father holding him at gunpoint, Emma was defeated by the combined effort of Diana's actions and Max's mind tricks and was taken into custody inside Stryker's Island Penitentiary. 8. Wonder Woman confronted the First Born, but he gained the upper hand. HQ, Jason returned wearing a suit of armor gifted to him by the gods, but with no knowledge of its purpose. Revere was arrested, and Diana returned home with Steve and Etta. [74], Cheetah sought revenge upon Veronica Cale for abandoning her, and attempted to murder her, but was stopped by Wonder Woman. Though they fought them off, they were surprised to find that time for Zola had passed much more quickly than for them. After a mission which saw the Justice League rescue Steve Trevor from the degenerate David Graves, Wonder Woman talked with Superman about their individual similarities, leading to a kiss. [3], Knowing that the government would have used Maxwell Lord to solve the problems with Odypix, Emma was successful in freeing him from the army's control and in giving him an opportunity to end the life of Diana, while also taking control of Etta Candy. She was shot by a sniper, but deflected the bullet and interrogated the attacker, who called herself Mayfly. Soon though, problems started to manifest: the corpses of many magicians killed by their own magic came back to life and attacked the team,who was there for Kirk Langstom's studies, as the scientist was trying to figure out the effect the unstable magic had on the magician themselves. [39] On a training session, Clark asked Diana if she wanted to talk about her recent experiences, but Diana replied that, as queen, grief is not a luxury she could afford. 2:24. [38], As Hippolyta was still a clay statue, Diana was forced to take the Amazon throne, at least until she could find a way to turn her mother back to normal. Knowing they are in Artemis' realm, Diana threw the fight in Artemis' favor. She was able to bind Dr. Crawford in the Lasso of Truth, which rejected the lie and restored Crawford to her previous state. Diana managed to drown Silver Swan until she lost consciousness, causing her to revert to her human form. As Diana caught up with Steve at A.R.G.U.S. Zatanna then told Diana what she was doing before joining the fight: she was with Swamp Thing, trying to talk to the Tree of Wonder, when the Tree itself, in the form of her father, showed her a prophecy that completely changed her mind about what she offered to her earlier. [120], Meanwhile, Diana was sleeping in the Hall of Justice when she was contacted inside her dreams by Giovanni Zatara: he wanted to warn her about her pivotal role for the destiny of magic and also told her she should watch out for an enemy hiding in plain sight. With the Superman: The Final Days of Superman storyline and then the events of Wonder Woman: Rebirth, Diana was able to discover this and started to gather her true memories back, including the truth about her origin. [25], As Wonder Woman returned to her apartment, Hermes brought her to Olympus, where the gods declared her the new Goddess of War. Wonder Woman was forced to let the criminals go. Emma also had conflicts with her mother about her powers, who she already controlled at a very young age: her mother always told her they were the fruit of her imagination. Wonder Woman decided to seek help from the Justice League Dark. In order to protect Diana in her vulnerable state, Steve had her admitted to a mental hospital in London. After the events of Doomsday Clock, it was revealed that Doctor Manhattan manipulated the timeline of the whole DC Multiverse, and one of the consequences of this manipulation was that Diana came to the world of men in a different era. As the team gathered, Hecate manifested herself, trying to take control of Diana. [114] In the message, Giovanni told Zatanna to find Mordru and also delivered her the Ruby of Life: trying to find a trail that could lead them to the powerful sorcerer, Diana first tried to obtain information from Papa Midnite, but with no success. Unfortunately, upon her return to Michigan, Diana found that Hermes had betrayed them, and once Zola gave birth to her son, he whisked the child away, and gave it to Demeter. [57], After taking Despero to the authorities, Wonder Woman and Superman came across the mysterious Pandora, someone Wonder Woman was familiar with. She spoke to Highfather, who agreed to let her return to Earth. While her history about her own origins and her past on Themyscira was manipulated to grant Phobos and Deimos the opportunity to free their father, Diana lived several adventures in the world of men, including becoming a founding member of the Justice League, that were true. Wonder Woman Recommended Reading Before the discussion could continue, the island was attacked by Stymphalian Birds, Ares' pets who were now drawn to Diana as the God of War. [89], After defeating Giganta in battle, Wonder Woman was approached by a lawyer who informed her that she had inherited the estate of Hercules, who had been killed. Diana visited Hercules' home and found a letter addressed to her, informing her of the location of her twin brother, Jason. Directed by Patty Jenkins. Unfortunately, the First Born had already defeated Demeter, so Wonder Woman sent her companions to safety while she confronted him by herself. Learning that Arthur was stripped of his power, Diana decided to try and reach the Graveyard of Gods, as the key was still in her possession. Zola revealed herself to be Athena and Zeke to be another iteration of Zeus himself. Diana was attacked by Rustam, but soon after she tried to free Atalanta. She later called for the re-establishment of the Global Guardians in its aftermath. Add a photo to this gallery. Dead Earth is a prime example. It warns that the dome will soon fall and champions will be chosen from each of the cities on the planet Telos to fight for their city's survival. [72] She continued to use her gifts to fight for peace and justice in Man's World. [2] She did this while she also made friends with Diana herself, welcoming her as her new neighbor when Wonder Woman transferred back to Washington, as she was helping the newly formed Amazon Embassy. Diana of Themyscira (New Earth) appears as Wonder Woman (Prime) a playable character in the Infinite Crisis video game. Trying to find out if she was right in suspecting Lord, Diana went to Etta Candy, now director of the Disaster Relief department in Washington, with her friend assuring her Lord was collaborating since the Justice League and the Sucide Squad arrested him, taking him into custody. 0. While there, she was tricked into fighting Aquaman thanks to Grodd's telepathic powers. Among the ruins of the tower, the First Born claimed the throne of Olympus. Even if Zatanna disagreed, Circe and Diana both thought that Wonder Woman would be able to utilize her new power against Hecate herself. [68][74], Seeking answers, Wonder Woman sought out an old friend that she believed could provide the way to Themyscira: Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah. Wonder Woman (Diana) (Prime Earth) Edit. Still, the plan failed, and Lex assaulted the Hall of Justice with his Apex Predators, winning the war. Some years ago, Diana saved a young girl, Vanessa Kapatelis, from death at the hands of Major Disaster. To contain the explosion, Orion took Milan through a boom tube. Suddenly, Dr. Light lost control of his powers and began absorbing Superman's solar energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman. [13] However, she had expected Zeus to return as soon as his rule was threatened, which he did not. Diana traveled to Olympus for answers, but found it abandoned. [3] Unbeknownst to Diana, her mother also gave birth to her twin, a brother named Jason. In the aftermath of the battle, Diana forgave her brother for his deceit. ... How I got the part of young Wonder Woman. [35] As Diana lied mortally wounded, Eris dragged her to Themyscira, for she wanted Diana to see her home destroyed and humiliate her. So, Zatanna gave the Ruby to Wonder Woman, who performed the ritual herself, revitalizing but also changing the entire structure of the magical system. CanadianPeaceMaker. Wonder Woman went to the Taiga, Siberia, where she asked Artemis for her help. You can help out by providing additional information, expanding on the subject matter in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. Wonder Woman told her the First Born was in Olympus, but as she left, Cassandra strapped a bomb to Milan's chest. [81] Cale set Team Poison onto Wonder Woman once again, and Colonel Poison managed to shoot Diana through the chest. PRE-FLASHPOINT FIRST APPEARANCE: Wonder Woman #105 (January 1996) POST-FLASHPOINT FIRST APPEARANCE: Teen Titans #1 (November, 2011) Cassandra Sandsmark was born to renowned archaeologist Helena Sandsmark and the demigod adventurer Lennox—one of Zeus’ many children. Atalanta was imprisoned while Artemis, having to respect her duty, followed the orders of her queen. Another result of the undoing of the alterations was that Diana had fought alongside the JSA during World War II. Jason was gifted a magical spear from his mother and returned to Earth. Wonder Woman has the capacity to love everyone - a concept that could never be understood by one incapable of love, such as he. Once back to Earth, Wonder Woman felt that the dimension of magic was different, almost troubled, after the battle with the Titans, especially since the Tree of Wonder appeared in the city of Salem. Soon she had the opportunity to do it, as Deadman informed everybody that Manitou Dawn, possessed by the witch-goddess, was tearing Nanda Parbat apart. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Incomplete Articles. Wonder Woman freed dozens of Cadulo's captives and, with the help of Cheetah and the women he had captured, succeeded in destroying Urzkartaga and freeing Barbara from the curse of the Cheetah. [71], Shortly after coming to the outside world, Diana interrupted a terrorist attack and was named "Wonder Woman" by the press. [4], While in London, Wonder Woman was summoned to help a young lady called Zola from the minions of the goddess Hera and after Diana defeated the enemies, she was informed by Hermes that Zola was pregnant with Zeus's child, which caused Hera's wrath. [23], As her injuries healed, Wonder Woman and her friends spent some time on New Genesis. When Cassandra's forces were about to depart to Olympus, Wonder Woman ambushed them and hung onto their plane. Then, Wonder Woman grabbed a spear and impaled both Ares and the First Born. Martian Manhunter and Stargirl attempted to break her out but Wonder Woman ignored them. [124] Maybe condemning the whole world while doing it, Diana came back and closed Circe inside the Collective Unconscious together with the power of Hecate, making her a prisoner similarly to Eclipso, ending the Witching War. Unfortunately, Dessa, a fellow Amazon, kidnapped Zeke and threatened to throw him off a cliff, for she disagreed with Diana's new perspective. [2] What she did not forecast was that Max Lord wasn't going to collaborate with her, even helping Diana defeating her. Bestowed with the powers of the Greek Pantheon and given the name of whom the Amazons deemed a champion, Wonder Woman is the link between Man's World and Themyscira, it's champion of Truth. With the twin gods defeated, Diana attempted to leave Ares' prison along with Veronica and Izzy, however Izzy's essence had been attached to the realm and could not return to Earth. She is married to Richard Grayson (Prime Earth) and they had a son named Richard Grayson, Jr.. [58], Superman begged his fellow heroes to arrest him, and while he was taken to the A.R.G.U.S. Incomplete Daughter of Maxwell Lord, she started her criminal career to be acknowledged by her dad, trying to break him out of jail and also help him kill Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman left the Corps and returned home. When Diana's back was turned, he fired them at her, and she fell under love's spell to him. Unfortunately, Cyborg's warnings were meaningless, as Darkseid had already arrived. [40], Later, in London, Diana talked with Hessia about what being Queen really meant. Lennox and Diana concluded that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter. [18] When they all returned to Manhattan to find Zola and Hera in a bar with War, Diana managed to convince her uncle to lead her to Demeter's domain. Both had planned for Wonder Woman to fight the First Born and accept her destiny as a goddess. Izzy was forced to either live out the rest of her days in the prison or live in Themyscira as an Amazon for eternity. When she was a young child, Emma found out that Maxwell Lord was her father and that he was alive, while her mother Susan sustained that her father died of cancer, never mentioning his real name. Created out of clay by her mother, Hippolyta, Diana grew up surrounded by a legion of sisters and mothers, being taught in the ways of the Amazon and eventually, becoming one of the islands' greatest … During Diana's absence, Vanessa's mother Julia died, and Vanessa was left alone and felt that Diana had abandoned her. Wonder Woman captures a hit man who is a master of disguise and saves the life of a world-renowned industrialist and the IRAC computer. Diana took part to the fight to conquer the power of the Totality, fighting against the Legion of Doom. Having learnt of Wonder Woman's inability to return to Themyscira, Doctor Veronica Cale, a wealthy and powerful woman, set into motion a plan to use Wonder Woman to find Themyscira. I also, love horror. Worriedly, Diana and Orion returned to Manhattan to find that War had returned the baby to Zola. This section of the article does not provide a complete profile of the subject. Diana defeated the other Amazons but was tasked with the final challenge, deflecting a bullet fired from a gun by her mother. He suggested that for information on where the baby had been taken, Diana should contact their sister Siracca in Libya. The realization that he was loved unconditionally disgusted Hades so much that he sent them all away. She discovered his location from a message in Hercules' last will and testament, which left all his possessions, including Jason's secret, to his half-sister, Diana. After the League won the battle thanks to Kendra, Diana and Arthur guessed that Cheetah and Manta were soon going to make their move, which started with the murder of Poseidon. While Jason and Hippolyta fought off the transformed Amazons, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Darkseid through her love for her deceased father, Zeus and her half-siblings, calling their spirits out of Darkseid's body and destroying him from the inside. As last resort, Zatanna and Constantine tried to exorcise Hecate's power outside of Diana's body, but thanks to the instability in magic and the unknown nature of Hecate's power, the rite ended unexpectedly: the other two active witches possessed by Hecate were freed from her grasp, but all their power converged inside Wonder Woman. She revealed that she had attempted to assassinate Wonder Woman in return for a bounty that had been placed on her. Imprisoning her there and taking control of her body, given that only souls can access the Collective Unconscious, Circe revealed that her plan involved freeing Eclipso all along, as he was key to control all magic. [60] Wonder Woman's group tracked Pandora's box to Lex Luthor's prison cell, where Pandora was offering the box to Luthor. Upon seeing the unmasked Minotaur, Diana discovered her foe was the creature she had spared in the labyrinth. Unfortunately, by the time she had returned, Hades had kidnapped Zola with the warning that Diana would need to make good on her bargain or Zola and her child would die.[8]. that Hercules' body came from an area containing traces of energy unique to Apokolips. Oscar-winner George Chakiris guest stars. This gave Superman and Cyborg enough time to throw Darkseid back into his home-world. [39] Shortly after this the League received a message that a superhero had entered Kahndaq which was against the law. [80], Diana quickly regained her sanity and was taken out of the mental hospital's care. [118] Reuniting with the team, who was meanwhile in a conflict against the Lords of Order, Diana and Zatanna gave to their comrades the same powers they obtained from Mordru and thanks to them, they defeated Nabu and his allies. Five years after the creation of the Justice League, Cheetah was a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Leaving the island, she received word from Batman that Superman was engaging Zod and Faora in battle. Arriving to London, they realized the First Born had wrecked the entire city and killed Lennox. Trivia. Cassandra threatened to kill Milan if Wonder Woman did not reveal the First Born's location. [73] She later fought who she thought to be Ares, though in truth it was Phobos and Deimos who were disguised as their father. Jason began to explain his discoveries to Diana, but they were interrupted by a group of giant monoliths appearing in the sky, which began to activate. Then, Hercules' lawyer revealed his true identity as the King of the Gods himself, Zeus. Add a photo to this gallery. Back in the Justice League Dark headquarters, Zatanna and Diana confronted each other on the matter, with the amazon telling the sorceress she didn't want to make any of her League teammates worried about her condition, a condition even her found mysterious and incomprehensible. She also found out she left Themyscira later than she thought, exploring the world of men in the modern era. She left Vanessa to recover in the care of A.R.G.U.S. Comforting her daughter, Hippolyta motivated Diana into accepting her duty as God of War. Starting with The New 52 relaunch, the origins and initial adventures of Wonder Woman in the world of men were changed. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Wonder Woman Villains category.". However, as Darkseid was about to drain Diana's life force, Jason regretted his actions and joined Wonder Woman in battle against Grail and Darkseid. Ultimately, Zeus was defeated and his life force was drained by Darkseid, restoring the Apokoliptian to his full adult form. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny. As soon as Diana and her friends returned to Earth, Orion decided to go with them. History Talk (0) Share. Later, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira, only to discover Hippolyta's statue had crumbled. The planet was saved and its people returned to normal, but Diana was distraught over the loss of her brother.[105]. As retribution for his aid, though, Hades sent a monster to kill them all, which had to be dispatched by Diana. Without knowing why she felt this dissonance, as she wasn't a practitioner of magic, Diana reached out to a friend who could know more: Zatanna Zatara. Diana volunteered to leave behind her home of Themyscira and champion the Amazons' message of peace, fighting for justice and equality in Man's World. At first, they defeated Zod and Faora by detonating their armor at point-blank range, but Zod and Faora were revitalized by a beam of sunlight sent by Apollo, which gave the criminals enough strength to beat Superman and Wonder Woman and trap them in an abandoned nuclear reactor. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestus, who might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. She began to resent Wonder Woman and declared herself her enemy, using the nanites in her blood to create a metallic, winged suit of armor and adopting the name Silver Swan. at their HQ, so Darkseid decided to use a Boom Tube to transport the building and all its contents to his base in the Amazon Rainforest.

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