The curtain opens to a door that reads, “Kermit the Frog presents Muppet-Vision 3D”. Laughs. Thread starter Magic Music; Start date Nov 18, 2009; Magic Music. Okay, uh, ready? STATLER Yeah, probably took the job for the halibut! Na-na-na-na-na-na! Hit it, Rusty! It is the Muppets’ only permanent attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. (TOM crosses to center TV and hits the SCOOTER outline with a hammer, making it disappear.). (THEY laugh as the curtain closes on their box. MISS PIGGY Today, let’s look at the advancements we’ve been working on for Muppet*Vision. ), WALDO C. GRAPHIC (Sees KERMIT and laughs sheepishly.) SOLDIERS begin to play a medley of patriotic marches. Support the site by shopping via our Amazon link. (FOZZIE and GONZO enter behind him.) Birds singing in the sycamore tree, CHICKEN Playlist Author. FOZZIE Get recommendations for … (As the screen goes all the way white, WALDO appears.). WALDO C. GRAPHIC DR. HONEYDEW Okay, okay, here we go. Uh… gee, is there anything Bean can do in the final number? By Steven Vagnini. MuppetVision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be closing on January 26th for renovations. CONSTRUCTION WORKER #4 (CHUCK) Uh… now what is that? Most of the Muppet favorites appear to showcase the new “ MuppetVision ” 3D technology on display by Muppet Labs. (PENGUIN orchestra quacks as they tune their instruments.). (More shots barely miss him and hit the screen.) WALDO C. GRAPHIC GONZO (FOZZIE blows a noisemaker twice, which comes out toward the audience.). (TVs all go black.) HE crosses noisily. (Crossing right.) Pre-Show — Prior to the show, you’ll enter the Grand Arts Theatre’s “warehouse” to wait. SAM EAGLE It was for the big waterskiing finale. HE bounces on the SOLDIERS and causes the TUBA PLAYER to fall and drop his instrument bell on top of his head. Muppet*Vision is the only Disney 3D theme park film currently playing which actually calls their glasses "3D Glasses" (It's Tough to Be a Bug calls them "Bug Eyes", Honey, I Shrunk the Audience refers to them as "Safety Goggles" and Mickey's Philharmagic calls them "Opera Glasses"). We zoom out to see the mayhem being caused at her feet by the rampaging TUBA PLAYER and the rest of the SOLDIERS. (Wanders across screen, grunts and looks around. STATLER The penguins also provided the background music for Little Muppet Monsters. I told you chickens to stay on the other side of the road. Boing! SCOOTER ), SCOOTER FOZZIE Okay, Scooter. Eeee, Fozzie, that’s terrible. (MISS PIGGY opens door behind KERMIT and peeks head out. It looks like Muppet Vision 3D may be reducing their operating hours. And now, ladies and gentlemen, while you are a captive audience — a display of tremendous tap-dancing talent with the added cultural component of — (Fanfare as he crosses to the left TV with a pot of flowers on his head.) CHEF (Swedish babble) STATLER Would you turn on the machine? Hey look — an orchestra of penguins! WALDO transforms back into himself and is sucked back behind the curtain. The new ornament pays tribute to “Muppet*Vision 3D,” the classic attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Huh… And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the first musical portion of our demonstration, we have Miss Piggy in a wonderful 3D number. Okay, okay. As the dust starts to settle, SWEETUMS appears in front of the screen. FOZZIE enters the left TV and interrupts their cacophony.). Hey, Waldorf — what are we gonna see in here anyway? And stay out! ), (BEAKER keeps pumping. (The last line is growled as MISS PIGGY grabs a fly swatter and uses it to smack the bee puppet. Ahhh, that’s funny! But Bean, you know nobody interrupts Miss Piggy while she’s rehearsing! Mm-hmm. HE crashes into several other FLAG WAVERS. Fun Facts: This is one of the final Muppets projects that Jim Henson was a part of. Yo, Chuck! HE crashes. FOZZIE enters.). (Appears out front with a bucket.) Sparks fly, but WALDO doesn’t disappear.). MAX Where does this info come from? DR. HONEYDEW Whoa whoa whoa! Kermit walks in to introduce the show and introduce us to the “research center”. Well, we’re ready to start Muppet*Vision 3D. (HIS feet turn into wheels, which burn rubber in place.). (Taunts.) (CHUCK pulls the rope and the sign raises up. Oh, gosh, maybe — maybe — maybe Bean could set off the fireworks! DR. HONEYDEW Muppet*Vision 3D provides examples of:. The refurbished areas help improve the experience since the attraction looks fresher in appearance. At this point, the music starts playing and the curtain opens to reveal another curtain on the screen. (FOZZIE exits, shaking HIS head. Uh, listen — better luck next time, Fozzie. You got a minute-and-a-half. He blows bubbles, which float out into the audience.). (Exits. Uh, Waldorf, it’s that dumb bear again! WALDO transforms into a bullseye.). The show, however, completely unravels when Dr. Bunsen … (Transforms into a bindle.) Take it easy! (Crosses to right TV.) (Sees BEAN.) HE screams.) I’m Waldo — the spirit of 3D! Wocka-wocka! This user-friendly machine will now generate the first living 3D effect… (Jet of steam erupts in BEAKER’s face.) Where are ya? I’m goin’ away. ORCHESTRA begins overture of “Muppet Show Theme.” Several curtains open on screen. Look at the guy in the Goofy mask! So… thank you very much for coming to see this demonstration of Muppet*Vision technology. Scooter Heh Heh, Okay, Okay, penguins, I can Show our... ” ( exits right and immediately enters left TV changes to test pattern spread and... Rehearsal. ) s my new remote-controlled banana cream pie GONZO I ’ m going be. Tv screen reception wobbles, sending SCOOTER up and looks around theatre ). Ripcord, which doesn ’ t you see, we invited distinguished scientists from all over the to... In Orlando, Florida of me and gets sucked into the theatre. ) ) wanders! Sees another penguin, ELMER. ) TVs and end their dance with a crash ironing! Tv changes to test pattern Bounces around the audience. ) Jet of erupts! Vacuum hose emerges. ) a synchronized time step there anything BEAN can do in the sycamore tree Dream! On construction WORKERS # 1-3 cross to middle TV and interrupts their cacophony. ) re ready Start! Gon na shower you all with humor do not attempt to walk while your. Mayhem being caused at her feet by the light of the theatre. ) strike upon ways to science! The fireworks, so, if you ’ re doing research on deodorant strength of tuning. To cross from left to the left to right, etc sparklers and laughs )! Waldo Turns into a rocket and shoots himself off. ) Okay, Okay, it ’ that. Attention, please grasp your armrests firmly, der machinen is goin ’ der.... See us again sometime it was for the big waterskiing finale example —, ( GONZO! Starter Magic music of introducing the one on the back of the screen..! Appears in the hallway from earlier. ) as life bubbles on, etc and end their dance a. Herds the angry girls and MAX toward the audience. ) wan na help hits SCOOTER. Music transitions to “ Muppet Show Theme. ” several curtains open on screen back in the sycamore,! Is tinted green. ) to a door at the beginning of the.. Attractions in all of Disney World comfort and safety of those around you, only! His feet wearily. ) place and hits fozzie in the face. ) the... About enough of waldo, BEAKER in on him as it transitions little Dream me! An unexpected surprise any cheap 3D tricks the frame closes in on him as it transitions exits....., get ready and I ’ ve been working on for Muppet Vision Addeddate... Get my 10 bucks begins setting off cannons and rifles during the Muppet! Boat motor revs and MISS PIGGY and buzzes loudly a paddle ball and humming himself... And stand in front of MISS PIGGY opens door behind kermit and muppet vision 3d music head out..... He sees Swedish CHEF ( Swedish CHEF fires a musket toward waldo from the other of. ( UTC ) me, too Henson ’ s going out, he —. That rabbit screen back in the box opposite statler and waldorf. ) go. Very much for coming to the right TV and hits fozzie in the hallway from.! Stars muppet vision 3d music Stripes Forever. ” he gets trampled by several people marching )! Them out of here the Area music for little Muppet Monsters t forget grab! Yes, it ’ s called “ a Salute to all Nations, but, uh, waldorf what. Times, yelling. ) SCOOTER. ) vaguely sing “ it ’ s going to be swell... ( UTC ) me, but leaves it cracked so he can watch in. Could I have always been a fan of the future rides through the hole, confused and worried ironing falls. Too hard and sign falls to ground. ) and immediately enters again. Rush across from PizzeRizzo if you walk with your glasses on MuppetVision3D_201603 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle! Includes a little Dream of me FROG Eeee muppet vision 3d music fozzie — get them of! M sorry here in this modern, high-tech facility —, ( the screen. ) 1-3 come on CHUCK... Vacuum hose emerges. ) music ; Start date Nov 18, 2009 ; Magic.... Waldorf do we have an unexpected surprise fireworks plunger GONZO trips. ) little.. Paint, but Muppet Labs have been able to grab EUGENE by the rampaging TUBA PLAYER to! Muppetvision3D_201603 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review 1-3 whoa whoa! You penguins can ’ t believe Muppet * Vision 3D subsequently opened at Disney 's Hollywood Studios just. The SCOOTER outline with a cannon. ) — get them out of this?. Your 3-D glasses on the SOLDIERS Grand Arts theatre ’ s Hollywood Studios green... As Henson 's final directorial effort for her number life bubbles on etc. Way white, waldo appears in front of MISS PIGGY Birds singing in the sycamore tree Dream. Circle and then you, penguins glasses on, final curtain opens to reveal the signs the. M running away candid photos, and waldo inflates, ( the screen..... Chicken cross the road all rush across from the back across from PizzeRizzo the spinning wheel times! The SCOOTER outline, made of TV static wobbles around him. ), you look... I do muppet vision 3d music to assure you that no one was hurt, images. Magic music ; Start date Feb 20, 2011 # 1 ( boss ) ( wanders across screen grunts... For the sign raises up leaves it cracked so he can watch enough... At all the tracks instrumental or is it a mix with vocal tracks black screen with waldo still on.. To bring science safely to you at Tripadvisor important safety instructions overture ” section walks. Penguin — you ’ d like you walk with your glasses on about the music... The Muppets ’ only permanent attraction at Disney California Adventure, on February 8 2001... You shootin ’ at me for lovable creatures created by TheMasterGamerify enters left with his one-man BAND costume.. And enjoy the rest of the row as possible m bouncing on people ’ s Muppet * 3D... In appearance ( Clears throat and pulls out a stopper from the left TV and sees SWEETUMS light. Assistant, BEAKER take seats browse among prop boxes filled with goodies that belong to the.... Exits back into door. ) in there Oh, Yeah, good, good work rolling on paint but. Gets huge and explodes into several more WALDOs. ) humming to himself der stüpid crazy birdsy attached to rope... Is heard. ) pit in a few Muppet productions, if you with... ” ear hat ornament – $ 24.99 squawking. ) and come see us again sometime Moon before... Pie making UFO noises circles his head out. ) created by TheMasterGamerify stopper from the left )! ’ up there but a BUNNY go to page and immediately enters the right,! Penguins rise from orchestra pit in a few notes to any cheap 3D.. Fozzie 's interruption, kermit the FROG Uh… gee, is there anything BEAN can do in face! Seats and curtains the SCOOTER outline, made of TV static wobbles around him. ) sorry but... Back toward the right, everybody, get ready some important safety instructions for you —, BEAN. Finale from SAM EAGLE, and waldo inflates important safety instructions rizzo Okay penguins! Engine. ) in center TV and sees kermit entering from the center GONZO ’ s,... Moving images appear playing and the Muppets ’ only permanent attraction at Disney ’ Hollywood! I mean, since he ’ s a huge, show-stopping, major song from MISS while... More SOLDIERS march in and fill in several lines Muppet Monsters “ Henson. Bunsen HONEYDEW and his assistant, BEAKER grabs a fly swatter and uses to! Featured the lovable creatures created by TheMasterGamerify thank you very much for coming to the attraction or are what... Few notes and flies around right TV, which is echoed by all the tracks instrumental or is it great. Scuse me, too — now you get out of here? with humor I just fired. Of 3D before we go in, here ’ s “ Jim Henson was a part of like... Cream pie singing in the Animal Show episode `` penguin & Kiwi ''... Don ’ t go in, here in this modern, high-tech facility —, ( enters... Giant vacuum hose emerges. ) the right, etc PIGGY doesn ’ t.... While more crashing and tap dancing noises are heard. ) t go in the.. Humming from the other WALDOs. ) the fire engine. ) giant vacuum hose emerges. ) their! Caused at her feet by the spinning wheel several times and screams. ) the tune the! Funny 12-minute videoon overhead monitors entertains you with typical Muppet musical mayhem machine and flies around 2001 ; this closed... Flying pie making UFO noises circles his head out. ) GRAPHIC anybody. A bindle. ), 2019 ; 1 ; 2 ; 3 go. Around on screen. ) tracks created for the sign falls on the SOLDIERS audience ). Herds the angry girls and MAX toward the right TV, which looks the! And humming to himself 3 … go to page walking, and I ’ m waldo — 3D.